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Installation Essentials

Stove Essentials - Installation & Maintenance

When installing a stove, there’s a variety of additional kit that you’ll probably need to make installation a breeze. These items range from air vents and flue pipes all the way to consumables such as fire rope and fire cement to ensure your stove is secure and fully enclosed with no leaks present. Essentials also take into account items required and strongly recommended by regulations and authorities. Carbon monoxide alarms and monitoring devices are just a few of the items you will need to install alongside your stove. To make things easier for you, WoodburnerWorld has compiled all of the essentials below into one easy searchable group to ensure you’re ready to go from the off!

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Stove Necessities

The majority of stoves come with a minimal amount of kit (aside from our ready to install stoves) and you’re often expected to gather the rest of your installation kit or get your installer to source it all. The downside of this is that sometimes you might not know what you need or incur extra costs from your installer. That’s why we’ve combined a selection of the most commonly purchased essentials to aid you in the installation and maintenance of your stove.

The list also features strongly recommended items in order to keep all types of stove functioning correctly and safely. Even if certain products aren’t necessary to fit the stove, they will be highly recommended to ensure a good operating environment where your stove will be able to work at the peak of its performance; resulting in better a better efficiency and output.

Safety Is A Priority

People are often too wrapped up in the stunning aesthetics of a stove and actually forget how potentially dangerous a wood burner can be. However, the risk is minimised considerably if the stove is installed properly with the correct equipment; and that’s where our selection of essentials comes into play. As carbon monoxide is both invisible and silent, it’s almost impossible to see the symptoms before it’s too late and that’s why it takes so many lives every year.

The carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is just one of the mandatory fittings on new stove installs. With every new stove that’s fitted, a carbon monoxide alarm must also be installed to ensure the safety of you and your family. These alarms constantly monitors the air for presence of carbon monoxide to ensure it’s at a safe level and will alert you via a digital display and/or audible noise if levels change to a dangerous amount. All of our alarms come with a comprehensive guarantee and conform to current regulation standards for maximum safety.

Also on the topic of safety comes ventilation. If gasses aren’t expelled properly, they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or the hot gasses could escape into areas which pose a fire risk. Air vents, flue pipes and maintenance products from WoodburnerWorld can all help aid ventilation. With a wide selection to suit your room of installation and your chosen stove, you can rest assured that we have the equipment and items you need to install your stove safely.

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