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Heat Powered Stove Fan

Make the most of the heat being generated by your stove with this ingenious heat powered stove top fan. It’s designed to aid in circulating heat around your home, in turn reducing any central heating costs.

No wiring or batteries are necessary as the fan’s blades are powered by the heat being produce by the stove. Simply stand the fan on top of your stove and the blade will start to spin. Please make sure not to touch the stove or the fan while in use as they will be very hot.

Children should be kept away from your stove and never allowed to handle the stove fan.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effective with different types of stove such as wood, pellet, and gas burners.
  • Starts, speeds up, and slows down based on temperature fluctuations within the stove.
  • Operates with self-created, renewable power. No wired plug or batteries are needed.
  • Increases room temperature.
  • Less fuel is burned as the heat is dispersed around the room more effectively.
  • Ultra-quiet while in use.
  • Black body with silver blades.


  • Height: 216mm
  • Width at the top: 140mm
  • Width at the bottom: 102mm

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£49.97 (Inc. VAT)

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