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Inset Wood & Multifuel Stoves

Inset & Cassette Stoves

At WoodburnerWorld we have a wide variety of inset stoves and cassette stoves readily available to buy at fantastic discounted prices. An inset stove offers versatility like no other; with varying designs and the ability to be installed straight into a wall or a regular domestic fireplace, it is certainly one of the easiest types of stoves to work with. Many are drawn to the inset stove for its minimalist look once installed whilst others simply enjoy its space saving design which doesn’t impede into the room like a conventional wood burning stove. Inset and cassette stoves combine pleasing looks with a functional, fuel-efficient design that still manages to provide a fantastic heat output.

  1. Titan Inset Multifuel Woodburning Stove - 4kW

  2. Titan Inset Multifuel Woodburning Stove - 5kW